Rupert Wates “For the People”

Release date:  15 December 2021

Label:  Bite Records


I heard a song coming from my stereo yesterday and I thought it was a new release from Richard Thompson, although I did think he sounded somewhat on the mellow side for him and low and behold! It was this guy Rupert Wates, who I might add, sacrilege to some I’m sure, who’s vocals I prefer.

What’s more remarkable, he’s recorded ten other albums before now and I’m only just discovering him.

He was born in London, but been living in New York for some years now where he has well and truly honed his craft.

In Rupert’s own words, “For the People” is a love letter to humanity”and when you hear the beautiful evocative lyrics put to extraordinary skilled guitar work you will understand what he means.

The record is based on traditional themes such as seafaring , broken hearted lovers and tales of war, presented in beguiling contemporary style.

Highly recommended and well worth checking out his other releases.

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Listen on Spotify:

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