Rosie Hodgson “Rise Aurora”

Release date: 1 December 2016

Label: Self


Rise Rosie! Rosie Hodgson is a British Folk singer/songwriter from West Sussex and former member of traditional Irish band CrossHarbour.

With Rosie’s debut full length record she has created something very special. Seven of the 12 tracks are self penned with the rest being traditional songs and a couple by Burns and Kipling.

On the album she is joined by Irish Fiddle player Rowan Piggot who also abely puts his Chorister training to good use, abely assisting her on vocal duties.

It’s a recording that maintains the best of traditional Folk, but at the same time showcases rosie to be up there with the best of her contemporary peers delivering songwriting of the highest quality.

it’s definitely one you will want to hear over and over again.

Sadly not on Spotify, but here’s an EP of hers from 2012 that will give you a taste of this girls excellence:

Listen on Spotify:

“Rise Aurora”

“Hetty’s Waltz”

“Willy Taylor”


Similar artists:

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Rosie Hood

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